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Ms. Kay Marie


Hi there, I’m Ms. Kay Marie. My radio show, Happy Hour with Kay Marie, broadcast every Tuesday at 8 pm Eastern time. There, we discuss anything and everything, from sexuality and current events, to cooking, sports, and wine-drinking, or nothing in particular at all.

Basically, we just chat about whatever happens to be on our minds! I love talking about whatever comes up and also chatting with you guys in our chatroom, Community Kink. I invite you to come by any Tuesday night and check it out!


About Ms. Kay Marie


I’m a hot MILF Mistress who enjoys all things kink and sexuality-related. In my everyday life, you’d know I was hot MILF, but if you saw me out somewhere, you’d never guess I was into all the things I’m into. I just look like a regular lady, going about her business, working out, running errands, and buying wine!

But underneath that demeanor of normal suburban MILF beats the heart of true fetish lover who has an opinion! Some of my favorite fetish fantasies are: feminization, cuckolding, cock control (of all kinds), guided masturbation, anal play, and cum eating. This is far from an exhaustive list, though. Most things kinky are in my wheelhouse. And if you’re not sure whether or not I might like your fantasy, feel free to just ask. I’ll be happy to answer you privately or address your question during my show.

We always have a lot of fun at Happy Hour with Kay Marie, and I’d like to invite you to join us. Come and sit in on the discussion of whatever topic(s) happen to be on my mind on any given Tuesday. I look forward to seeing you there!


Ms. Kay Marie