Ms. Harper


Harper invites you to join her for a weekly discussion about sex. Everything you didn’t learn in Sex Ed when you were in school will be covered in Whore School.


Whore School with Ms. HarperI’m Harper, and I’m from Texas, land of Big Sky and silly notions about sexuality, along with an entrenched abstinence only sex education curriculum. I love the Big Sky and find abstinence only sex education to be the least useful and most harmful pile of steaming cow poo ever presented as scholarly material, right up there with some people’s ideas about the link between vaccines and autism. Utter poppycock that leads directly to under-educated adults doing things that can and will hurt them, along with a healthy load of fear and shame and guilt (and I’m a Brené Brown fan, so you can guess what my opinions about shame and guilt are!) If the opposite of abstinence is to be a whore, then let’s embrace our whorishness and get educated about sex, sexuality, gender, and more. Join me for Whore School and let’s learn to be excellent whores together!

You can find Whore School on Cock Radio, Sunday evenings at 11 pm, from April 24 on.

I hope you’ll join me for Whore School: I promise you’ll learn something new about sex and sexuality, and you’ll have fun with it at the same time. Class is in session!

Listen to the audio podcast announcement for Whore School here!