Ms. Becky

Join your sexy KINKologist, Ms Becky, for this weekly pre-recorded podcast as she breaks down the fucking universe every Friday morning on KINKology: the psychology of kink.Former therapist and current lifelong pervert is bringing you all the cutting edge in psychology and how to harness the power of psychology to live happier, healthier, and above all, kinkier lives!

KINKology will be discussing cutting edge neuroscience, various mindset essentials for BDSM play, the panty drenching world of fetishes, explorations of sexuality in all its yummy variations and more on KINKology, as well as reading some erotica stories, doing the occasional tarot card read, plus some fun things you definitely won’t want to miss.

Please visit to read more about Ms Becky, follow her on Twitter at @msbeckyenchants. As always, please remember- I control your pleasure, and I damned well control your pain.